GIF PFP Collection: Girls, Discord, Anime, Aesthetic, Memes!

Bored of using the same still and simple images as your profile picture? Why not upgrade your PFPs to the next level using amazing PFP GIFs? PFP gifs are a trending and amazing way to make your social handles stand out.

Whether it is Instagram, TikTok, Discord, or any other platform, these PFP GIFs will grab the attention of your audience and will help to boost your profile.

A PFP GIF is like an image that is not still. It contains a short video that keeps on playing over and over again in a loop.

So, where can you get these amazing PFP GIFs? Why look around when we have some of the perfect GIFs right here? Scroll down through our collection of some amazing GIFs and choose the perfect one that fits right for your social handles.

Add these GIFs to your profile picture and make your profile stand out from the crowd. Create a unique online identity with these GIFs.


GIF PFP Collection: Girls, Discord, Anime, Aesthetic, Memes!











Frequently Asked Questions (PFP GIFs)

How do you put a GIF as your PFP?

Using a GIF as your profile picture does not require any special procedure. Simply update your profile picture and choose the GIF you want to upload as a PFP from your gallery. Once uploaded, your PFP will be updated within a few seconds.

What is the time limit for GIFs?

There is no particular time limit set for a GIF. Although, most GIFs are preferably made to last for 6 seconds only. Although, any other video around this duration will also be counted in a GIF only.

Can you put a GIF as a PFP on WhatsApp?

No, currently WhatsApp does not allow you to upload GIFs and use them as your PFP. Although, as an alternative, you can use avatars as your profile picture on WhatsApp.

How to find the perfect GIF video?

While we have already listed some amazing GIFs on our website you can also look out for other similar GIFs on some popular websites like Giphy, Reddit, Tumblr, etc.

Does Discord allow GIF PFP?

Yes, users of Discord Nitro can use various types of GIFs as their PFPs and also update them anytime they want. 

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