Sukuna PFP

One of the strongest “so-called” villains of the “Jujutsu Kaisen” anime series, Sukuna has undoubtedly won the hearts of everyone. With Yuji’s body acting as a vessel, Sukuna has emerged as a second character in the body of Yuji.

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But how do you find the perfect PFP for Sukuna? With those ferocious expressions on the face showcasing extreme power, finding the best Sukuna PFP can be a tedious task. But worry no more.

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FAQs for Sukuna PFP

What is Sukuna’s hidden technique?

Sukuna has a very special yet hidden cursed technique known as “Dismantle and Cleave”. With this technique, Sukuna sends cursed slashes on his opponent to deal maximum damage.

Who originally killed Sukuna?

Sukuna was originally defeated by his fellow Jujutsu sorcerers over 1000 years ago. Before that, he was a normal human and a jujutsu sorcerer with extremely uncontrollable powers.

What makes Sukuna so strong?

A vast accumulation of cursed energy is the main reason behind the extreme powers of Sukuna. He is unbeatable with such highly cursed powers.

Does Sukuna have any weaknesses?

Yes, despite a huge accumulation of cursed energy, Sukuna is not invincible. He is highly vulnerable to advanced techniques and jujutsu sorcerers with great skills and unique techniques can pose a threat to Sukuna.

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