Discord Banner: Cool Discord Banner Gifs

Discord is a popular chat platform with 140 million monthly users. It offers a space for gamers and community-oriented brands to connect. Growing a vibrant server involves attracting people and creating an engaging Discord banner. 

Whether you’re passionate about gaming or creating a community, the best visual banner is crucial. We have a collection of dynamic Discord banner GIFs to aid your server’s appeal. These eye-catching animations serve as a visual, helping your profile and server to engage more members. 

Look no further if you’re looking for the best Discord banners to enhance your server’s aesthetic. This post will show you some cool Discord banner GIFs that can elevate your server’s appeal and foster a thriving community.

What Is Discord Banner?

A Discord banner is an image that sits atop your verified server’s listing. These banners are a perk for Discord Nitro members, allowing them to personalize their profiles. When you search for servers on Discord, you’ll see a list with these banners, offering a visual preview. 

Discord Banners play a crucial role in creating a strong first impression on your server, enticing users to explore new channels. They serve as a quick identifier, helping users recognize whose server they’re visiting.

Opting for Discord Nitro membership lets you showcase attractive banners, which makes your Discord server more appealing. It’s an opportunity to express your server’s vibe and content, helping potential members decide if it aligns with their interests.

FAQs for Discord Banner

How can I adjust a GIF to fit my Discord banner?

To ensure compatibility with Discord’s criteria (PNG, JPG, or animated GIFs under 10MB), choose a custom size and set dimensions to 600 x 240. Click “done,” and your image is now perfectly sized for your profile banner.

What purpose does a Discord banner serve?

The Discord banner functions as the server’s visual identity, offering a snapshot that conveys the server’s purpose and community vibe.

What’s the process for animating a Discord banner?

Here’s the process for animating a Discord banner: 

  • Access your Discord profile by selecting your profile picture. 
  • Choose “Edit.” 
  • You can upload an animated GIF as your banner within the pop-up window.

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